What does it mean when I buy music that is for 2-3 octaves? 

That means that the music includes only those notes within that range of handbells. Two octaves of bells range from G4 – G6. Three octaves of bells range from C4-C7. As we “add” octaves, we add out in both directions! So, four octaves would be from G3-G7, and five octaves means C3-C8.

Who plans all the events in Missouri?

Jeff White, our state chair, organizes or at least has a hand in all the activities. If you want to host an event, he will GLADLY work it all out for you! It is important that he be informed of events going on around our state, since he keeps the master calendar and tries not to “overlap” events.

Why should I bother with getting my event endorsed by Handbell Musicians of America? 

There are some really great reasons to fill out the paper work (click here). Advertising in the Quavers as well as in Overtones, mailing labels, and further contacts within the area are just some of the advantages.

What is the difference between Endorsed and Sponsored events? 

Endorsed means that Handbell Musicians of America supports your efforts to further our music. Sponsored events are those that are actually organized by Handbell Musicians of America, such as the Area 8 Festival in Topeka in June 2010, the Area 8 Festival in St. Charles in 2012 and the Area 8 Festival in Davenport in June 2014.

Who do I talk to about starting a bell choir at my church or school?

Any of the board members would be glad to help you out!  Please contact Jeff White for a list of Handbell Musicians of America members in your area.

*Used with permission from Marilyn Lake, Past Chair Area 8 Handbell Musicians of America